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Rated Excellent by WIRED Magazine.
Third place in Windows Azure Developer Challenge.
First Windows Phone 7 application in Swedish on the Marketplace.
Pocas veces te encuentras con una aplicación tan completa, útil y versátil. La única pega que le podría poner es que desde que la instale y aun sin utilizarla observe un aumento considerable del la batería.
Superbe appli et pas chère du tout !!!
 - Marcel62250
Suficientemente perfecto
 - maciasdavid
Works great. Voice announcements are accurate and GPS stays locked
 - jagting
Fantastic app, well worth the price!
 - Vinnie13
Great app. Does everything it says it does. Best feature is the tell you how fast and far every x minutes.
 - Player792938880
Realmente bueno, opciones muy utiles
 - kradih
Great running app. Connects to GPS relatively fast. Tells me my stats for each run and also allows me to set a goal to beat my last run with either time or distance. In addition you can upload all your data online to their website and/or twitter + facebook. Overall great app nothing to regret
 - yumychinesfood
Cette application est très complète et très intuitive. Pour moi, il manquerait simplement le calcul des dépenses énergétiques pour le vélo.
 - giant57
Sencillamente FANTASTICA!!!
Fungerar väldigt bra! Bra statistik. Kartor man kan spara så man får statistik på samma rundor om man vill.
 - Robin Xps
Je trouve cette ampli sympa et precise c'est exactement le parcours que j'ai effectué. Annonces vocales françaises ajoutées ! Maintenant l'appli. Est pour moi complete
 - maskkime
Love this app! Works well and clean interface. Like it better than *********.
 - EMTP6885
Awesome app! Finally found one that works how it should!
 - JDiggyDawg
Une application pratiques
 - Joueur595339090
Lo mejor de este tipo para wp7 y por poco
 - clubwerk
An app that is easily worth more than they charge for it.
 - I Osyrus I
Excellent run tracking app. I switched from ***** ******** on Android, this app is every bit as good.
 - datoner
Use it daily running while listening to Zune over Bluetooth headset. Provides intermittent status updates in real-time and upload feature allows convenient sharing of results. Highly recommended.
 - islehopper
Ah!!! Y muy buen precio. En android ya empiezan a pasarse en esto del precio.
 - Jugador74688875
Finally a good one...
 - Player608786536
La migliore e piu utile applicazione in ogni categoria. Precisa al cm. Impressionante.
 - Player334948896
Tiene calidad, da gusto pagar. Muy buen software.
 - carlosrodrifern
La migliore applicazione disponibile e per di più ad un prezzo irrisorio. Praticamente perfetta.
 - acitre
Great app. Eats battery, but I expected that. Dont hesitate to buy this one!
Perfetta, ottima applicazione e' come avere un Garmin in tasca !!!
 - MacabreIlsanto
Después de probar varias aplicaciones, Marathon es la mejor con diferencia, tanto por las funcionalidades de la aplicación como por la web.
 - dhdiez
Much more stable and easy to use app compared to the free ones. That is, this app mapped my route, and synced online better than the free ones. Get it and start running! -KiroiKaze
Great app. Good alternative to *********
 - gol goloth
Muy bueno
 - Dunlendino
Belle interface et tracking efficace. Système de gain de points "xp", des trophés, de bronze d'argent et d'or, pour symboliser des actions (par exemple courir 5kms à 10kms/h de moyenne), annonce en temps réel des performances... C'est une excellente appli!!! :-D
 - Navalquen
Funktioniert super!
 - WTN RaptoR
Very accurate, clean UI and has voice updates. One of the best apps of it's kind out there and I've tried many of them including ********, **********, and ******.
 - Dharklin
Best running app for Windows Phone, maybe even better than **** *** *** for iPhone.
 - jmcconda
Definitely more polished than others in this category
 - bananachipz
Ottimo. La migliore... pure in italiano!
 - mt thecap
Intuitif, superbe interface, a vélo a ski en voiture a pied lors d'une course ou un entrainement : une app indispensable!
 - JCslive
Love this app. It announces and keeps me up to date with my stats as I run. Better than ******** or ****** or ********** for me.
 - PilotDude
Extremely useful app. I wish I'd had such a tool years ago.
 - bryanhbell
Perfetta e con voce in italiano, basta scaricarla dal sito.
 - MobileOmnia7
Great app. Use it almost everyday for my runs.
 - phillsimpson
I have been using the free trial for the last couple of days and overall this is a great app. I find using a money belt works great for carrying the phone. I run in the trails alot and being able to finally know how far I am going is fantastic. There are many options to customize the app and uploading to the website has been very easy. Being able to count laps is the only feature I could think to add at the moment. Great job!

 - runningman50
Excellent app for tracking my running distance and time.
 - drunkncrunk23
Quasi perfetta. Manca però la possibilità di salvare il tempo sul giro
 - proinsias72
Beste Laufapp im Marketplace! Lässt keine Wünsche offen. Misst auch min/km,man muss nur etwas runterscrollen. Sehr motivierend,auch für Anfänger mit Intervalltraining. Die Sprachansagen sind auch sehr praktisch,man kommt sich fast vor wie ein Profi.
 - Fruitzombie
Very Nice app. Top functionality, easy Handling.
 - aHz1984
Clean, easy, nice updates to online site or Facebook :)
 - RedCoat999
Great app, tried marathon because ********* wasn't working, never going back now! GPS is much more consistent, UI is good
 - ScoobyDrew3
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