Marathon, showing a recorded sprint


Marathon is a Windows Phone app which keeps track of your movement with the help of GPS. It’s the perfect companion for sporting activates such as running, skiing or ice skating. It's currently available for Windows Mobile 6.x Pro, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

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You can configure Marathon to announce various statistics in the headset or speaker while you’re recording. This gives you the advantage of always knowing your performance and is a great morale boost to reach your goals.

You can compete with yourself by setting the goal time comparation settings to one of your previous results. This will allow the announcements to tell you exactly how many seconds ahead or behind you are. You may also use the generic time goal in case you haven’t recorded anything to compete against.

The application records and displays data such as time, distance, speed and your altitude change. You can also choose to display your speed and altitude as charts.

As a complement to the application you can upload your results to this website, which allows you to see more detailed information about your performance, as well as various rankings against other users of the service.

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